About Denton Conservatory Repairs

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how to buy antabuse tablets Denton has been repairing and maintaining conservatories for over 27 yrs. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and professionalism. The business was started by Ian Denton in 1992. Having worked his way up from installing conservatories through to project management for some of the big conservatory companies at that time. Ian has worked on all makes and types of conservatories, which puts him in the unique position of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of conservatories and most importantly, how well they perform over time.


The business was started as a direct result of a need for a reputable company who were skilled in maintaining existing conservatories having worked on new builds, throughout my career I started the business as a direct result of a need for a reputable company who were skilled in maintaining conservatories rather building them from new. Many companies our early customers came across were only interested in selling new conservatories, nobody seemed interested in repairing existing ones – hence Denton was started.


In 1995 I took on two new partners as the business was growing, Paul and Steve were a welcome addition to the business. Their expertise have been invaluable. By providing good honest professional information and full technical support throughout each job our business has grown. In the office we have Linda, who has herself a wealth of knowledge. Taking the phone calls, arranging the work and schedules and providing constant support for our customers. Indeed many of our customers compliment her on how efficient she is and for keeping everybody informed. On occasions she’s even been offered jobs !!!


All our engineers are experienced and professional and all work for Denton conservatory repairs.


The majority of our business comes from recommendations and through our conservatory repairs website. We guarantee all our work and are fully insured for your peace of mind. Get in touch for a free, no obligation quote.