Frequently Asked Questions

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buy dapoxetine Q: My conservatory roof is leaking, do I need a new roof ?

A: No, you don’t need a new roof although many companies will try to sell you one

Q: Can my leaking conservatory roof be repaired?

A: Yes, Denton have the experience to solve any leak in your conservatory roof

Q: My conservatory is too cold, what can I do?

A: A common problem with conservatories either being to hot in summer or too cold in winter! By installing  one of our insulated ceilings this will become a thing of the past – you will be amazed

Q: The wall inside my conservatory where it joins the house is showing signs of damp

A:  Usually indicates the box gutter is leaking

Q: My conservatory is very draughty

A: Indicates that the roof panels have slipped down

Q: Can you replace just my polycarbonate roof panels

A: Yes, we can change just your roof panels

Q: can you replace my polycarbonate roof panels with glass

A: If it is a upvc frame conservatory then the roof bars would need to be strenghened as it would have been designed to take a lighter roof initially. If the conservatory is made of wood, then probably yes depending on the thickness and width of the rafters.

Q: The gutter on my conservatory is leaking – can they be repaired or replaced

A: Yes, we can repair or replace any guttering on your conservatory

Conservatory repairs Frequently Asked Questions