Conservatory roof repairs

In our experience, the majority of issues which develop over time with a conservatory can successfully be remedied with a comprehensive repair.

It is not unusual over time for conservatory roof panels to slip down and move out of alignment, skylights and roof vents to leak,  boxed and valley gutters to leak. Some water leaks only occur when there is the correct combination of wind and rain. In our experience all of these issues can be resolved with a good quality repair. There is no need to replace your conservatory roof when such isolated issues arise.

The most common types of conservatory repair we asked to carry out include:

✅ Re-fitting & securing slipped conservatory roof panels
✅ Tracing & resolving leaks from roof skylights/vents
✅ Tracing & resolving leaks from boxed gutters
✅ Tracing & resolving leaks from valley gutters

✅ Tracing & resolving leaks from the ridge
✅ Tracing & resolving leaks between roof panels
✅ Trace & resolve leak issues with flashing’s
✅ Tracing & resolving leaks from muntin bars

All completed works are guaranteed – we are fully insured and do not have a callout fee or charge for quotations.

Denton specialise in all aspects of conservatory repairs and roof maintenance throughout the southeast of England including: Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Surrey, East and West Sussex.